Monday, June 15, 2009

The Chains of Fools...

Lately, I have received a few messages asking for help regarding an issue that concerns and disturbs me greatly: that of chaining dogs.

For the life of me, I will never understand why people get a dog and then promptly tie it up outside to pace and whine and cry, day in and day out, in a man-made hell.

Allowing dogs much-needed time in a fenced yard for awhile to get fresh air and sunshine is fine and dandy. However, chaining them outside 24/7 is beyond criminal.

And I do not - repeat, do not - want to hear the flimsy excuses for such banishment that range from new carpet, the smell, the hair, animals don’t belong in the house, yada, yada, because all it makes me want to do is slap someone.

As you already know, I believe pets are meant to be members of the family, period. Dogs especially are definitely not meant to be relegated to a long and lonely existence tied to a stake in the backyard as they are pack animals by nature.

I do not care if some proclaim that as long as there is a doghouse, a food dish and a water bowl near by (which, unfortunately, are all the requirements needed to pass muster with most animal control departments) that everything is copasetic. For, make no mistake, tethering a dog for most of its lifetime is undeniable and blatant animal cruelty.

Furthermore, it is a proven fact that chained dogs are far more apt to be biters. How many cases have you heard about involving “tied” dogs who attacked anyone who came near? Ever wonder why?

Well, as they say, perception is everything. As a rule, trapped animals will try to defend themselves from any perceived danger. Ergo, in a chained-dog’s perception - be it a pit bull or a poodle - he is most certainly “trapped” and you could very well be looking at a serious bite waiting to happen.

As I write, there are many communities throughout the country that have passed laws banning inhumane tethering; others are in the process of doing so or are, at least, considering such legislation.

I am in total agreement. Instead of banning certain breeds, I believe with all my heart that we should be concentrating on the people who perpetuate aggressive, anti-social behavior in man’s most loyal and loving best friend by fining them to the hilt, removing the dog, and never allowing them to own another. Ever.

For as someone who views life as one giant opportunity to assist all creatures great and small, not to mention one who can’t stand the thought of any animal in fear or distress, I can do no less than to “attack” those who cause their suffering…..and you know who you are.