Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Christmas "dog tale"...

My poor blog has been so woefully neglected that I thought I'd give it a little attention via hoping readers will give my short story a lot of attention...

Way back in 1996, we put one of our dogs - Beau - to sleep on the day before Christmas Eve. Lousy all the way around, to say the least. Got even lousier when Beau's sister, our precious Emma, mourned him for over a year. And, to be quite honest, I don't know why she snapped out of her grief...maybe because I did?

In any case, I sat down and wrote Zellwood: A Dog Story in 1998. And after two decades of professional writing, this little piece of work remains my favorite. So, I've decided that - this Christmas - I'm going to try and get as many dog lovers as I can to read it. Especially those who've lost and mourned a beloved pet, as we have (Emma died in 2004 and our third dog, Maggie, is now 16 so her days are surely numbered).

And although the story may initially sound like it's too sad for has a glorious ending. So I hope all of you who read it will find it as cathartic as it was for me. Here is the link:

To each and all...have a wonderful holiday season.