Monday, June 23, 2008

Dog "Attack"

Read in the Orlando Sentinel ( today about a 5-yr-old chow/lab mix "attacking" a 6-yr-old boy.....the details in a nutshell:
  • Grandma's dog, Buck; had for his entire life; no incidents
  • Dog was chained up in yard
  • Kid got bit on forehead/cheek; airlifted to hospital; treated & released

My thoughts? You should know what's coming:

  • Chained?
  • 6-yr-old kid?

Far be it from me to draw any conclusions on this story...


Bear said...

good point!

Anonymous said...

yeah, and next we'll hear "Orange County wants breed restrictions." I got a better one - "Orange County to pass parenting ordinance."


Marie said...

I can't find the story and I realy need it, we are Dogs Deserve Better and we keep track of chained dog attacks. Can you give me the link to THAT story please. The link provided goes to today stories and I did a search but can't find it.