Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Profound and Beautiful Baby Squirrel Rescue

I live in Florida. We have palm trees. I don't give a flying-flip if the dying fronds "hang" to the sides until they come off in their own good time. But my husband does.....SO, despite repeated warnings of "watch for baby squirrels" - which he repeatedly says he does - today he announces that there are two pink, hairless babies on the ground. I was so pissed I could've spit at him.

Anyway, not only were babies on the ground but the entire nest was, too, and it was upside down with the infants hidden underneath. So I righted the nest, put babies back, and watched and waited. No Mom. Got a towel, filled a hotwater bottle with warm water, and put all of it in a box with the babies on top. Watched and waited. No Mom.

In the meantime, called a local wildlife sanctuary. No answer. Left a message and waited. Still no Mom. Moved box into the sun (palm tree is in the shade and it was getting cold outside). Waited. No Mom.

Mind you, I've been through this scenario before but never with the "no nest" issue. And each and every time, Mom always came and got her kid(s) almost immediately. So now I'm getting increasingly anxious and worried and called the sanctuary again. Got an answer and was told everything I did was perfect and, if Mom didn't show up in a couple more hours, then deliver to said sanctuary. Yet I was supposed to remove the towel (I don't remember why).

Went out to follow these instructions of the babies was gone. How in hell did that happen when I'd had my eyes glued to the window for hours? In any case, one tiny pink body was still there and I got frantic that the other had wedged itself down inside the box. Rearranged everything again and went back inside. And watched. Waited for maybe a minute and...

Saw that scruffy tail beating the air. Saw her body trying to scale the sides of the box. Saw her disappear inside the box.....then saw her leap to the ground with her baby in her mouth. Saw her scamper away and I broke down in tears.

So let it be known far and wide that, IMHO, God is non-human. For watching this young mother squirrel finagle her way up, down, and all around to save her infants was an incredible experience. Where she took them, I have no clue (though I understand squirrels have multiple nests for just such an accident). All I know is that she wasn't going to let anything come between her and her kids.

And, for the record: If you find yourself in the same predicament, definitely give Mama time and space to come to the rescue. Unless she is dead, she will. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.....bless her heart, she will.

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