Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I Apologize...

I've been so immersed in this ebook business that I've woefully neglected this blog. And I'm sorry. Another thing I need to apologize for is not checking my comments (I swear, every time I come here, something new has been added and I had no idea reader comments were awaiting my "approval"). So to those who I haven't responded to, please forgive me. I'm just getting around to reading your responses now...:-((

Hopefully, I'll get more animal posts up before too long but I'm also thinking about starting another blog about the trials and tribulations of electronic publishing. I'm not sure yet...

In any case, I appreciate all who have followed The Animal Advocate; though my "book" writing is veering off in other directions (Devil's Moon, a suspense novel, will be published on Amazon probably tomorrow), my passion is - and always will be - our beloved animal kingdom (and, fwiw, Devil is a dog!).

Be back as soon as I can...thank you for bearing with me while I navigate all these learning curves.

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