Monday, January 24, 2011

Buyer Beware

Just a note about Goodlife dog biscuits...

Although I've been a faithful customer for years, my latest bag contained a very disturbing - and potentially dangerous - "string" of treats. "String" meaning that three of the biscuits were connected by a heavy, ropy thread that also wound itself through the biscuits.

After repeated attempts to reach anyone who gave a shit at Goodlife (including writing a personal letter to the head of the pet division at Mars Corp. and including one of the treats) - to date - I have received no response.

So, even though I'm very careful about doling out treats to my dog, some may inadvertently toss them to their pet without noticing anything amiss. All I'm doing is asking that you be very careful and ensure that you check these biscuits first. For if a dog - especially a small one - ate the ones I still have in my cupboard, you would, at best, be looking at an emergency vet visit. At worst.....a choked-to-death dog.

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