Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Little Dollar That Could...

Been looking at too many shelter sites today.....reading about too many needing so much help as too many depend on "we, the people" just to keep the doors open.

Looking at too many pictures of abandoned pets waiting and hoping like hell that someone comes along and whisks them away to a forever home before time runs out.....before all the rooms at the inn become overbooked once again and their eviction notice is served. Hearing them cry out with those pleading, anxious eyes, "Why me?"

So just a thought: I know many of us are strapped these days but just imagine if everyone sent just one dollar - $1 - to a "community" fund for all animal shelters/rescue groups located in their county. In mine alone, that would equate to over $500,000 to be divvied up between these organizations that receive no local government funding whatsoever; organizations that depend on the goodness and kindness of all pet lovers just to stay I said, just a thought.

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