Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Quickie re: Emergency Vets

Apparently my harangue about the cost/knowledge of animal emergency clinics/personnel struck an acute nerve with a reader. However, their comment struck one with me, too.....So, I'm going to pick apart that message and reply.

Comment: Did you happen to notice that you actually could get service on a weekend if you were willing to pay for it...without waiting for eleven hours in a waiting room?
My Reply: Who said diddly about not being willing to pay for it? My gripe is that a "normal" vet visit runs about $35-40 NOT $88 (or more) as charged by those who work off-hours.

Comment: Did you happen to notice that people were willing to help you within the constraints you placed upon them?
My Reply: "Within the constraints I placed upon them"? What in hell are you talking about, constraints? I'm talking about an animal hospital that happens to operate - again - at "odd" hours of the day/night. So pray tell, why should their expenses be one dime more than vets who are open during "regular" business hours?

Comment: As a small business owner, I don't think you have a clue of what it costs to run a business.
My Reply: Used to own my own business so I have many, many clues...

Comment: I'm sure everybody in those hospitals that you have a problem with love animals, but 'love' doesn't pay their mortgage and put food on the table. Next time you have a problem, ask them how much their building cost, how much their utility bill is, how much their payroll is and maybe then you'll appreciate that the arm you're about to give doesn't even cover the paper towel bill for the month.
My Reply: Again, why should an emergency veterinarian clinic have higher rent/utility bills and/or payroll than any other veterinarian?? Be they open at midnight or at 8am, lights/water cost the same, not to mention that so do paper towels...

Comment: Think and research before speaking.
My Reply: Thank God, I've rarely had the need to see an emergency vet. However, from "researching" (i.e., talking to/interviewing) those who have, I hear the same basic story almost every time...Pay up or go away.

Bottom line: I'm quite sorry if my response offends your "business" sensibilities but, for those whose pets need immediate and urgent care, the current policy sucks. Again, we are talking about those sworn to help heal animals - you know, those living, breathing precious creatures that we love as members of our family; we are not talking about your local plumber or electrician. Which makes me wonder: Do you even have a pet?????????????

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